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Leave the settings alone

We get the settings to how we like them, and a minute or two later, they sound naff. We boost xxHz a bit more until we like it again, and a minute or two later,...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 2018 views · 7 replies · Last post: Tuesday 27 Mar 2018, 2:12pm by KeyTarMan

Milky way - another new song, why the f*ck not

sat down to mix another song, ended up making this new song up. Any thoughts or feedback?

Topic author: davemustardface · 1399 views · 3 replies · Last post: Monday 26 Mar 2018, 3:17pm by Tricky Donavan

Death trap - Actually done now

it was quite a sudden thing, I knew it was done. I love it now See what you think Cheers for the feedback so far

Topic author: davemustardface · 949 views · 14 replies · Last post: Monday 26 Mar 2018, 12:56am by Huckel Be Do Dar

PA and Mic amps?

hi, i'm just wondering if any vocalists or anyone would like to recommend or let me know what PA system they use because i need to get one and i don't know wher...

Topic author: Hydrofantastic365 · 1145 views · 11 replies · Last post: Friday 23 Mar 2018, 2:33pm by KeyTarMan

Digital Scars, Digital Scars

Topic author: Somasu · 578 views · 5 replies · Last post: Monday 19 Mar 2018, 10:04am by Somasu

Debt - a new song New song, simple song, see what you think, any critique welcome.

Topic author: davemustardface · 686 views · 5 replies · Last post: Monday 19 Mar 2018, 1:02am by davemustardface


New song, any feedback is welcome. It all helps

Topic author: davemustardface · 651 views · 7 replies · Last post: Saturday 10 Feb 2018, 5:07pm by Tricky Donavan

Let's See Why

Topic author: Somasu · 571 views · 1 replies · Last post: Friday 9 Feb 2018, 5:56pm by x51WSH7N

Backing tracks

Hi all, I am looking to form a duo and play live to backing tracks using an ipad. Anybody got any experience of this and what are the best apps to use, websi...

Topic author: KevT1 · 918 views · 2 replies · Last post: Saturday 3 Feb 2018, 3:57pm by KevT1


Topic author: Somasu · 578 views · 3 replies · Last post: Thursday 1 Feb 2018, 9:16pm by x51WSH7N

Loop pedals

So I've been thinking about getting a loop pedal for when I play solo. Anyone any recommendations on what to get, even as a first. A bit on how to use it too wo...

Topic author: AJ McCool · 814 views · 2 replies · Last post: Thursday 1 Feb 2018, 7:13pm by courtyard jukebox

Does anyone know the best phone app for recording

I don't have the option to use a computer at present I want to record some tracks on my phone is there an ap that can work that's easy to use and can construct ...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 919 views · 4 replies · Last post: Thursday 1 Feb 2018, 11:02am by Tricky Donavan


Topic author: Somasu · 1192 views · 7 replies · Last post: Friday 26 Jan 2018, 4:06pm by x51WSH7N

Music fest checklist?

Hey! I'm running an alt music festival for charity and I just want some help checking what I've missed! So far we have: •lineup •promo materials •venue ...

Topic author: callouskindness · 545 views · 2 replies · Last post: Saturday 20 Jan 2018, 2:30am by Tricky Donavan

How does spotify work ?


Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 783 views · 3 replies · Last post: Thursday 18 Jan 2018, 6:51pm by Tricky Donavan

New song Feed back please

Hi, Here is my new song Hey Now. I wanted to have a play around with this one and experiment a little.This is what it is at the moment but I might try differe...

Topic author: islandshore · 1110 views · 16 replies · Last post: Wednesday 17 Jan 2018, 10:51pm by x51WSH7N

(Cheap wine) new song feedback please!

Hey everyone iv been recording an album and am looking for some feedback on one of my tracks feel free to make comments, criticism or even advice and tips, I wo...

Topic author: nickward · 1685 views · 15 replies · Last post: Wednesday 17 Jan 2018, 1:53pm by islandshore

A Track from my unreleased EP

The track is called 'Enlighten Me' and was recorded from home. Let me know what you thought! Thanks...

Topic author: Curtis Longstaff · 741 views · 8 replies · Last post: Wednesday 17 Jan 2018, 1:28pm by islandshore

Copywriting songs

Can anyone tell me the easiest and cheapest way to copyright the 20 or so songs that I've written ?.

Topic author: Chris Hughes · 844 views · 8 replies · Last post: Tuesday 16 Jan 2018, 1:34pm by Tricky Donavan

Source of inspiration for lyrics?

For all the vocalists, lyricists, writers, and anybody involved in writing lyrics! I'm curious. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration? I 'sing' in a de...

Topic author: GenericMetalGuy · 1165 views · 18 replies · Last post: Monday 15 Jan 2018, 8:47pm by Edwinmooney

Late Weeks

Topic author: Somasu · 407 views · 8 replies · Last post: Wednesday 10 Jan 2018, 5:42pm by x51WSH7N

Metal demo track

Hi there folks, just wanted to post up a rough demo track of a song I am writing, I'm looking for some feedback. it is rough round the edges and some of the ...

Topic author: Big Harry · 927 views · 17 replies · Last post: Sunday 7 Jan 2018, 5:27pm by He-Is-the-Painkiller

A Drum Machine & A Guitar

There isn't anything else. First attempt.

Topic author: Lenin McCarthy · 627 views · 10 replies · Last post: Thursday 4 Jan 2018, 2:37pm by x51WSH7N

Suicide Attempt Number 5 (If you like this song, check out the rest of the EP here: https:/...

Topic author: Somasu · 661 views · 1 replies · Last post: Wednesday 3 Jan 2018, 5:05pm by x51WSH7N

how did i do?

im a electronic dance producer and more recently recording with my guitar and my voice. I like that sound. using an overdrive pedal sounds rocky. my soft ...

Topic author: underthradar · 415 views · 2 replies · Last post: Tuesday 2 Jan 2018, 6:58pm by davemustardface

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