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How do you make beats ?

I hear a lot of modern composers refer to making beats and composing whole songs around it. I'm guessing it's all done on computer without the need for real ins...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 122 views · 6 replies · Last post: Monday 20 Feb 2017, 12:12am by Zoot Allures

what defines Jazz music ?

Apart from other genres.

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 99 views · 4 replies · Last post: Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, 8:03pm by Early Days

Open Mike nights good and bad stories ?

Experiences sought TD

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 185 views · 5 replies · Last post: Wednesday 15 Feb 2017, 7:27pm by x51WSH7N

Rend Them Asunder

REND THEM ASUNDER Brutal Death Metal Glasgow/Manchester UK Facebook Youtube

Topic author: kanevil · 81 views · 2 replies · Last post: Saturday 11 Feb 2017, 4:41pm by Zoot Allures

Guitar Sounds Logic Pro?

Was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on recording guitar through Logic Pro? I'm after quite a nice heavy distorted sound that doesn't have too mu...

Topic author: lucyperry94 · 115 views · 3 replies · Last post: Thursday 9 Feb 2017, 10:48am by The Plimpton Plopper

charity cd

Hi all its a long shot but we are needing a song and some music to create a cd for our charity in the Huddersfield area quite cheap if possible if anyone can h...

Topic author: Debs1969 · 325 views · 8 replies · Last post: Sunday 5 Feb 2017, 3:46pm by x51WSH7N

How to juggle singinning and playing guitar

For 20 years and more the old Trickster has just been an out and out axman , had nuff of waiting on stroppy and unreliable dicks a few of whom could be classed...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 710 views · 21 replies · Last post: Friday 3 Feb 2017, 3:18pm by KeyTarMan

Guitar amps

Hi there i need some good advice on guitar amps i got the guitar i always wanted just need to compliment it with a decent amp but dont want to pay stupid money ...

Topic author: eric 05 · 421 views · 12 replies · Last post: Friday 3 Feb 2017, 2:51pm by Gav knight

Fiting the vocals to the tune

I wrote a song a while ago , but the vocal range and chords worked well sung at a low baritone range however I have since wanted that track sung at a higher pit...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 154 views · 10 replies · Last post: Wednesday 1 Feb 2017, 12:52pm by x51WSH7N


Topic author: Somasu · 43 views · 1 replies · Last post: Tuesday 31 Jan 2017, 3:44pm by x51WSH7N

Soundcraft power supply wanted.

Hi, all. I realise it's unlikely, but should anyone know of a DCP 100 power supply for a Soundcraft Spirit Live 4-2 for sale, please contact me. I've seen the ...

Topic author: BobQ · 186 views · 11 replies · Last post: Friday 27 Jan 2017, 6:23pm by BobQ

In tune or out of tune

Sorry if the title is a bit cryptic or misleading but hard to know what to call this. Thought I'd pose a slightly different question to the norm and see if any...

Topic author: profusia · 532 views · 21 replies · Last post: Wednesday 25 Jan 2017, 6:29pm by Tricky Donavan

[View ad]

Not a bassist just someone who has dabbled but would like to delve into its deep rhythms a little deeper. Looking for something that would be good for soul...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 114 views · 3 replies · Last post: Monday 23 Jan 2017, 10:05am by Von-Funkenstein

Free Remix Fair with London Remixed Festival & Community

The London Remixed Festival have teamed up with Community Music (CM) To provide a day of remix workshops, music production brand demos, panel discussions around...

Topic author: · 24 views · 0 replies · Last post: Friday 20 Jan 2017, 12:26pm by

Amplutube 3 or 4

I have Amplitube 3 and the Fender amp and the Orange amp Package Has anyone upgraded to the Amplitube 4 and the Fender amp 2 packs if so, can anyone tell ...

Topic author: KeyTarMan · 72 views · 0 replies · Last post: Tuesday 17 Jan 2017, 4:01pm by KeyTarMan

A Childhood Lost

Topic author: Somasu · 56 views · 0 replies · Last post: Tuesday 17 Jan 2017, 2:28am by Somasu

Looking to lay down an unonventional guitar solo and licks

So if any of you have any tracks that need this are open to it fire in a PM we'll do it and then upload it on SC for f;';';'g laugh or whatever just music for t...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 87 views · 0 replies · Last post: Friday 13 Jan 2017, 11:58am by Tricky Donavan



Topic author: kenmserv · 26 views · 0 replies · Last post: Thursday 12 Jan 2017, 11:35am by kenmserv

Recording Studio Use

Hi all I'd like to entertain / bore you all to tears with a survey I have created: Bands, particularly unsigne...

Topic author: iamnotthedj · 432 views · 23 replies · Last post: Thursday 12 Jan 2017, 9:31am by x51WSH7N


How many of you use Guitar/bass/keyboard or Drum loops in you home recordings or do you or your mates play the part for real? Me I hate loops, think they k...

Topic author: KeyTarMan · 97 views · 4 replies · Last post: Tuesday 10 Jan 2017, 10:55am by x51WSH7N

Anyone know any free guitar teaching tutorials

Anyone know free guitar teaching sites and any tips on how to play it.

Topic author: UWAIS · 186 views · 4 replies · Last post: Monday 9 Jan 2017, 11:08pm by Danny_olsen_87

Recording with a drama queen/king

Explain why their idea won't work. Explain again why their idea won't work. Explain yet again why their idea won't work. Explain why their idea didn't work ...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 175 views · 7 replies · Last post: Sunday 8 Jan 2017, 6:48pm by Tricky Donavan

Why are demos so important

Anyone can stich a good one together provided they have some basic working knowledge of certain software apps , or buy some quality studio time. Faulty voca...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 134 views · 5 replies · Last post: Saturday 7 Jan 2017, 3:23pm by x51WSH7N

Party Girl/Olyssia

Topic author: Somasu · 72 views · 0 replies · Last post: Friday 6 Jan 2017, 11:20pm by Somasu

Feedback please! Unusual take on this track

Imagine a beautiful melody, and you know how hard it can be... but imagine a second melody, A third and even a forth, completely different in structure and aest...

Topic author: chesterman · 90 views · 3 replies · Last post: Friday 6 Jan 2017, 9:01pm by Burzyn

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