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Why don't great bands quit at their peak

Ok lets get a discussion going and remember keep it civil and on topic guys. I've been watching Grandstand and thinking why professional sports people play t...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 2218 views · 5 replies · Last post: Monday 26 Mar 2018, 5:03pm by hammondman

Lesser known songs by big bands

Looking to discover back catalogue songs by famous artists. Songs I might not have heard but that are hidden gems. Anybody go any good ones to share?

Topic author: davemustardface · 1048 views · 7 replies · Last post: Saturday 24 Mar 2018, 6:36pm by KeyTarMan

Drinking before performance

Yay or nay?

Topic author: T.V · 3775 views · 15 replies · Last post: Monday 19 Mar 2018, 6:45am by davemustardface



Topic author: Boomeister · 2623 views · 14 replies · Last post: Sunday 18 Mar 2018, 2:03pm by KeyTarMan

Phones at gigs

Does anyone else find them annoying? It seems like every time I go to see a band I'm surrounded by people sticking their phones up in the air to record songs or...

Topic author: inyaface bass · 1909 views · 20 replies · Last post: Sunday 18 Mar 2018, 1:58pm by KeyTarMan

Hologram gigs

Are they the future is it easier to pay session players to record your gig and then go out with hologram drummer bass player keyboard player and one living pe...

Topic author: Edwinmooney · 735 views · 7 replies · Last post: Sunday 11 Feb 2018, 2:07pm by Tricky Donavan

Beware the Elvis scam

I had an email, the kind that says you've won a prize draw and to send money to get your winnings. I could choose between cash and a trip to Gracelands to watch...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 1039 views · 0 replies · Last post: Sunday 11 Feb 2018, 8:23am by x51WSH7N

lighter note

Zakks new album Grimmest hits boy done very well,I have met zakk and his band in 98 he let me on his tour bus witch was metalic purple yeh it all happend folks...

Topic author: Edwinmooney · 680 views · 1 replies · Last post: Saturday 27 Jan 2018, 9:14am by davemustardface


Just bought a digi voice recorder that can record ghost so I am going to record some instrumentals and some songs on my classical guitar I have set stall out ...

Topic author: Edwinmooney · 563 views · 0 replies · Last post: Thursday 25 Jan 2018, 6:46pm by Edwinmooney

Don't take this seriously, but solo? Really?

How can artists be called 'solo' when they have a backing band? I saw a big name at Latitude singing over a recorded backing track. I bet she had someone play o...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 1297 views · 3 replies · Last post: Tuesday 23 Jan 2018, 6:25am by x51WSH7N

Be wary of additions

I recently joined this site to get myself back in a band after the band I plaid in for 10 years dispended this site was brilliant I soon got 4 Leads as I had pu...

Topic author: Shuggie · 1958 views · 11 replies · Last post: Saturday 20 Jan 2018, 3:15pm by Edwinmooney


something for the oldies.

Topic author: Mike Dove · 1678 views · 7 replies · Last post: Monday 15 Jan 2018, 10:53pm by x51WSH7N

Where are the real musicians with drive and ambition?

They dont seem to be on here :(

Topic author: · 2758 views · 24 replies · Last post: Monday 15 Jan 2018, 1:21am by davemustardface


After looking for a drummer on this site for a year. I decided to put ad in paper 1 reply and yes i have a local drummer great. The way things are going ill pr...

Topic author: Edwinmooney · 1050 views · 12 replies · Last post: Sunday 14 Jan 2018, 7:20pm by x51WSH7N


What prices are bands in the midlands charging for gigs, We are a 4 piece covers band charging 160/70 per pub gig 230 for a club, Is this about right. Thanks i...

Topic author: Tubes · 1001 views · 4 replies · Last post: Sunday 14 Jan 2018, 10:09am by x51WSH7N

Carnatic Rock

Hello people, Trying to gage response from people to see who might be interested in starting up a carnatic rock band. I'm a vocalist with heavy Indian influenc...

Topic author: moonchild2312 · 561 views · 1 replies · Last post: Sunday 7 Jan 2018, 6:46pm by moonchild2312

What do you think about this song?

I am trying to get feedback on this song I made, give me as much feedback as you can to improve songs in the future. ...

Topic author: Bob The Blob · 864 views · 10 replies · Last post: Friday 29 Dec 2017, 12:48pm by islandshore

Playing in more than one band

Hi! I'm the vocalist in a death metal band, which I really enjoy and if I'm honest, has always been my dream! However, I want to continue developing as a mus...

Topic author: GenericMetalGuy · 1138 views · 2 replies · Last post: Thursday 28 Dec 2017, 1:12pm by ukdeluded

keyboard tutors

Topic author: BudEkins · 765 views · 2 replies · Last post: Saturday 23 Dec 2017, 7:14pm by Arzachel

Backing Tracks

Hi, Looking for advice on quality backing tracks for solo artist please A fare bit of info on internet but which ones are the best? Thank you :)

Topic author: Mai · 748 views · 4 replies · Last post: Wednesday 20 Dec 2017, 3:32pm by sixthtulip

Explicit lyrics in the song 'fame' by David Bowie

This is on Spotify in two forms - one is a 2016 remaster with no explicit warning and the other is a 1998 remaster with an 'explicit' warning I was just won...

Topic author: davemustardface · 822 views · 7 replies · Last post: Wednesday 13 Dec 2017, 6:51am by x51WSH7N

Any advice on regaining motivation to play an instrument?

Howdy all. As a bassist, I have been losing inspiration to create music or to even play my instrument, I have just lost the euthusiasm that had when I firs...

Topic author: Broken scam · 945 views · 6 replies · Last post: Wednesday 13 Dec 2017, 1:24am by jerryguitar

Is there a male singer there who wants to record an album??

I'm a London based Producer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist, I'm looking for a male singer, check out this link

Topic author: Nicogtr · 548 views · 1 replies · Last post: Sunday 10 Dec 2017, 5:13am by reecebanks

How I beat going out of tune with tremolo

Going too far with a whammy bar puts strings out of tune. Some beat it by clamping the strings above the nut. Some oil the nut. I bought a thinner nut that rock...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 705 views · 8 replies · Last post: Monday 27 Nov 2017, 7:34pm by Chrome dome

Best Maclom Young Riff

In your words what made the guy so special etc or anything else you want to say about his work For those about to / TD

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 464 views · 1 replies · Last post: Sunday 26 Nov 2017, 8:10am by Arzachel

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