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Anyone have any experience buying through this site?

Topic author: courtyard jukebox · 73 views · 2 replies · Last post: Wednesday 20 Sep 2017, 2:01am by Another guitarist

Hardcore punk venues

Is it only europe that offers good venues???

Topic author: Jamie Knievel · 30 views · 0 replies · Last post: Monday 18 Sep 2017, 9:14am by Jamie Knievel

Black Sab live in Wellingborough

Next Tuesday 28th Sept at Wellingborough Castle 15 for the film

Topic author: KeyTarMan · 58 views · 3 replies · Last post: Saturday 16 Sep 2017, 12:48pm by quaid

Local jam sessions

Hi I was just wondering if anybody knew of any places that hold local jam session nights in and around the Newport Wales area Thanks

Topic author: ChesterBurnett · 137 views · 5 replies · Last post: Friday 15 Sep 2017, 10:14pm by x51WSH7N

What makes a good ryhthem guitarist and makes a lead

Are the two often a diffierent skill set and do some people exhale at one then another. Any notable examples people can think of ? keep rocking TD

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 714 views · 10 replies · Last post: Wednesday 13 Sep 2017, 7:07pm by KeyTarMan


I am prompted to generate this post after reading a post by another member titled 'IS MUSIC A WORTHLESS COMMODITY THESE DAYS' I cogitated for a bit on this'n a...

Topic author: 706_UNION_AVENUE · 349 views · 12 replies · Last post: Tuesday 12 Sep 2017, 11:16am by King_Sturtevent

Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down

I can't say I know this album inside out but it is the album which features handbags and gladrags, which is a song I listen to very frequently. What is the deal...

Topic author: davemustardface · 140 views · 7 replies · Last post: Monday 11 Sep 2017, 5:57pm by BobQ

Open Mic nights what are yours like ?

I'm just curious if they are the same all over. In my locals they are just a small p.a., and it's mic'ed up acoustics or electro acoustics, vocal mics. I'm told...

Topic author: Notfadeaway · 996 views · 31 replies · Last post: Sunday 10 Sep 2017, 6:07pm by profusia


Hey, got a half written song but need help on the chorus as have no idea on it or what melody it is gonna be either. Also have no song title. Any suggestio...

Topic author: hayleys45 · 94 views · 1 replies · Last post: Saturday 9 Sep 2017, 4:26pm by profusia

Whats going on with the Sheeran (UK top 40 ???

I'd just had a gander at the UK singles chart and it's plastered with Ed Sheeran singles all the way up the top 20. I think his music is a half hearted w;';'';...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 570 views · 11 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 3:05pm by 706_UNION_AVENUE

Too old to play

I'm looking for advice on my present situation. I'm at present a drummer in a band and still enjoy playing but I've now reached the age of 76 on top of that I h...

Topic author: MsLuckyLady2 · 672 views · 9 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 1:54pm by 706_UNION_AVENUE

Can i anybody be a good singer ?

Hi I was wondering whether anybody knows if you are just born with a good voice or if you could actually gain a good voice by practising like any other instrume...

Topic author: andrew99 · 2666 views · 29 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 1:48pm by quaid

Is music a worthless commodity these days

discuss keep Rocking TD

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 493 views · 4 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 1:15pm by quaid

Paid with a pint at best

Soooooo is this the way we are going where stingy bars venues and events pay participants with a pint of beer (no fcuk spirits , no spirits ) or some l...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 726 views · 22 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 11:49am by 706_UNION_AVENUE

Why so many time wasters on the amateur music scene

Yeah I know this question in many shapes and spawns has been asked since the creation of this website , but I'm gonna roll it in another direction and ask; W...

Topic author: Tricky Donavan · 1595 views · 38 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 11:37am by 706_UNION_AVENUE

the purpose of the classified section

i placed an ad and received a response from johnmellars123 with a link to his band's fb page that had nothing to do with my ad i understand the wish to get y...

Topic author: johnpipes · 108 views · 2 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 11:04am by Tricky Donavan


Should people who criticize others ability ideas or tastes in music put their own efforts online before dishing out advice ? I'm sure it would help young up an...

Topic author: Mike Dove · 368 views · 21 replies · Last post: Thursday 7 Sep 2017, 10:45am by Tricky Donavan


I have now come to a point in my musical journey that im too old / ugly / and cheesed off playing crap covers all the time for peanuts. Im considering changing ...

Topic author: mrtonykoz · 297 views · 9 replies · Last post: Monday 4 Sep 2017, 7:47pm by wholelottafunk

Advice on getting into live music/touring

Hiya, Over the past few months I have only been given the opportunity to work a few gigs (as a sound engineer/roadie.) I'm 16, so when contacting bands/venue...

Topic author: callouskindness · 204 views · 7 replies · Last post: Thursday 31 Aug 2017, 8:44pm by Tricky Donavan

My stereo settings and what trickery do you use?

I put the rhythm guitar tracks hard right and left. If I recorded only one guitar, I make a copy, invert one and shift it to 20ms later than the other. These go...

Topic author: x51WSH7N · 181 views · 11 replies · Last post: Tuesday 29 Aug 2017, 11:09am by x51WSH7N

Great funding opportunity

Do you need a helping hand for your projects or for your personal needs ? Contact us , we are willing to help you out with the best offers. Email : chiuderecre...

Topic author: Burki · 42 views · 0 replies · Last post: Tuesday 29 Aug 2017, 4:32am by Burki

Paul Simon - Still crazy after all these years

I listen to this album every now and then. I am always relaxed by it. There are some incredible songs, it's quite a mixed bag of ideas and sounds but what I can...

Topic author: davemustardface · 46 views · 0 replies · Last post: Saturday 26 Aug 2017, 8:23am by davemustardface

dire straits fans?

any teenagers who like dire straits or is it just me! They're such an iconic band - I personally believe Mark Knopfler is definitely in the top 3 guitarists of ...

Topic author: 3rdtimelucky · 170 views · 5 replies · Last post: Friday 25 Aug 2017, 10:16am by KeyTarMan

How do bands feel about hiring a art/creative director?

Hello, I just wanted opinions from bands and how they feel about a person helping them get filmographers/designers etc to put together music videos and ma...

Topic author: letetiarose · 216 views · 9 replies · Last post: Friday 18 Aug 2017, 12:33pm by x51WSH7N

Rehearsal rooms

Anybody from Bury on here know of any cheap rehearsal spaces in the Whitefield / Prestwich / Radcliffe area? Also whatever happened to DPM studios in Radcliffe...

Topic author: Morris-Hind · 146 views · 1 replies · Last post: Tuesday 15 Aug 2017, 4:03pm by x51WSH7N

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